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Activities at Palo Verde


Guided Walks

Natural history visitors can visit Palo Verde for guided exploration walks. Talks give participants a glimpse into this endangered ecosystem as well as the research, education and conservation activities carried out by the Organization for Tropical Studies at Palo Verde in conjunction with the National Park System. Guided walks last two hours each and lead participants through the dry deciduous forests,
limestone cliffs and marsh.



Boat Tours

The Tempisque River is brackish water with a variety of species of mangroves and different invertebrates and vertebrates that depend on it. The river tour consists of two parts: Charco (up river) and Bird Island (down river). You have a choice of which one you would like to do. Each is unique in habitat and species richness.


If you love to walk and of course get in some scenic views, we have 4 different trails that will definitely be worth the effort! Just make sure to take water, comfortable hiking boots and of course a camera! Maps of these trails are also available.



Workshops/Lectures on specific selected topics



Custom-design itineraries

A new and exciting way of adventure... seek the thrill of exploring Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest with one of the world’s leading institutions in education and research of tropical science, the Organization for Tropical Studies.


For information and reservations:

visit.ots @ tropicalstudies.org


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Palo Verde

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