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Things to take


Prescription medicines as needed, good walking shoes, hot weather clothes, insect repellent, umbrella or rain jacket, flashlight, binoculars, sun screen, film and camera extra batteries, plastic bags to keep film/paper dry. Most of these items are also found on our gift shop.










  • Our dinning facilities serve meals according to a schedule and to the number of people expected to attend to each service. Please provide us with your arrival time so that we can serve you better:


  • The use of sandals or walking barefooted is not permitted on the trails for safety reasons. Entrance might be prohibited by the administration of the station if this rule is not follow.

  • Manipulating species (flora and fauna) is not allowed in our biological stations for both conservation and safety reasons.

  • Children must come accompanied by a responsible adult that must supervise them at all times.



Special Warnings

If you are hypersensitive to insects, bees or wasps, always carry a sting kit with you.


For information and reservations: visit.ots @ tropicalstudies.org



Biological Stations:
La Selva
Las Cruces
Palo Verde

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