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Climate & Location




At approximately 1,200 meters elevation (3,900 feet), the prevailing temperatures range from 21° – 27° C (70° – 80° F) during the day and 15° – 21° C (low 60° F) at night. The dry season runs from January to April. The rainy season begins in May and lasts until November. The annual rainfall is approximately 4,000 mm or 157 inches.








San Vito de Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Distance from San José: 287 km; 4.5 hours.
Near the Panamanian border on Costa Rica's coastal range (8° 47' N, 82° 57' W).






Getting there


Las Cruces Biological Station is located in the Pacific highlands of southern Costa Rica, 287 kilometers (178 miles) southeast of the capital city of San José. The drive by car from San José takes a minimum of 4.5 hours (without stopping). From Downtown San Jose, go east toward San Pedro and find the Interamerican Highway South (Route N° 2). Stay on this highway, passing Cerro de la Muerte, San Isidro, and Buenos Aires from where you must drive some 25 kilometers more to find Paso Real, the entrance to the Coto Brus Valley. Take a sharp left turn at the Paso Real sign, cross the bridge at río Térraba; San Vito is 46 kilometers ahead. Once in San Vito, take the fork in front of the city’s park; Las Cruces is some 5 kilometers south of San Vito. Look for the Wilson Garden/Las Cruces Biological Station.


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Tel. + (506) 2524-0607

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Fax. + (506) 2524-0608

Fax. + (506) 2773-4109


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