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Become an AMIGO of Las Cruces

At Las Cruces we train graduates, undergraduates, and non-biology professionals in a broad range of courses; we facilitate scientific research, with particular emphasis on the fields of conservation biology and restoration ecology; and we provide educational outreach to kids and adults in the surrounding communities.

Please ask at Reception for further information on how to support Las Cruces, our education programs, and conservation projects including the land campaign. Your donation is essential to continuing the botanical heritage begun by the Wilsons, and maintain a strong research and education center at Las Cruces. In return, you will receive the bi-annual Las Cruces AMIGOS newsletter.

Donations are accepted at any OTS office in Costa Rica or can be sent directly to our main office in North America. All donations are fully tax-deductible in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica.


For information and reservations: visit.ots @ tropicalstudies.org

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